Tucker Carlson Tonight (Videos)

Tucker Carlson gives his take on the United States sending money to Ukraine.

discusses being canceled by woke mob

WARNING: Graphic footage

WARNING-Graphic footage

Tucker Carlson shines light on what's behind surging energy prices and inflation.

Tucker Carlson reacts to NBC's coverage of the Colorado nightclub shooting.

Tucker Carlson rips the sexual exploitation of children and the media for ignoring Balenciaga child 'bondage' ad controversy.

WARNING: Graphic footage

is send some tweets

Tucker Carlson reacts to the FTX meltdown.

Tucker Carlson reacts to false reports Russian missiles hit Poland and gives his take on the FTX meltdown.

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine weighs in on the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and founder Sam Bankman-Fried'...

Tucker Carlson reacts to a noose being found around the construction of former President Obama's presidential library.

if elected AZ governor

‘Nation of Victims’ author Vivek Ramaswamy discusses how the Democrat’s second major donor just blew up his crypto company and...

Tucker Carlson voices his concerns over uncounted ballots in Arizona and Nevada.

Tucker Carlson reacts to the results of the 2022 midterm elections looks at where Republicans went wrong.

Tucker Carlson speaks with former California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder on voters' crime wave concerns.

Tucker Carlson reacts to NBC retracting its explosive Pelosi report.

Tucker Carlson reacts NBC News mysteriously retracting its report on the Paul Pelosi attack and weighs in on lies liberals and...

Tucker Carlson reacts to claims from the left that democracy is at stake in the midterm elections.

Tucker Carlson shreds President Joe Biden's speech.

Tucker Carlson weighs in on affirmative action ahead of the upcoming Supreme Court decision.

and the people are awake to it

the Democratic Party can't continue to hold power

Tucker Carlson weighs in on the energy crisis stemming from the Russia-Ukraine war.

Tucker Carlson reveals what was learned from Fetterman-Oz Pennsylvania Senate debate.

Tucker weighs in on the impact of rising crime on the midterm elections.

for first interview since contempt sentencing

Tucker Carlson explains why freedom of speech is essential in society and reacts to the hysteria surrounding Elon Musk's Twitt...

is the most cynical political move in US history

Tucker Carlson reacts to Tulsi Gabbard's announcement that she is leaving the Democratic Party.

Rapper tells Tucker Carlson story behind White Lives Matter shirt

Tucker Carlson takes on the outrage to mere questions about possible U.S. involvement in the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines.

Tucker Carlson weighs in on Hunter Biden's questionable business dealings and the FBI's alleged suppression of criminal eviden...

Former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard speaks on how America should respond to mystery leaks in Russian underseas gas pip...

Tucker Carlson weighs in on the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian and calls out liberals and lawmakers for blaming climate c...

Tucker Carlson calls out Biden for allegedly using the FBI intimidate his critics.

Tucker Carlson reacts to the election of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Tucker Carlson weighs in on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Tucker Carlson reflects on Queen Elizabeth II's life and legacy.

Tucker Carlson reacts to Europe moving backward over energy.

Tucker Carlson voices his concerns about the Hunter Biden story cover-up and its impact on the 2020 election.

Tucker Carlson weighs in on Republicans' diminishing chances of a 'red wave' at the midterm elections.

Tucker Carlson breaks down the deceit in Democrats' $740 billion legislation that will not bring down inflation.

Tucker Carlson shreds the FBI's raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home.

Tucker Carlson rips President Biden for denying the United States is in a recession despite what economists say.

on 'guilty' verdict

Tucker Carlson reacts to Steve Bannon's conviction and voices his concerns over the practices of the January 6 committee.

and the January 6 Committee

Tucker Carlson argues no one benefited more from the COVID pandemic than China.

Former adviser to Boris Johnson Thomas Corbett-Dillon breaks through the noise and details exactly why U.K. Prime Minister Bor...

Tucker Carlson highlights Max Boot's readiness to sell the war in Ukraine as 'our war'.

Tucker Carlson calls out President Joe Biden's leadership as Americans are fleeing the United States under Biden.

WARNING—Graphic footage

Tucker Carlson shreds Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as Americans experience record-high inflation.

Kyle Rittenhouse and his lawyer Todd McMurtry join Tucker Carlson to discuss the action they are taking against the tech compa...

following FBI arrest over January 6 committee subpoena

Tucker Carlson gives his take on Peter Navarro's arrest over dispute with January 6 committee.

Candace Owens joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the exodus of 21 Black staffers from the Biden White House.

Tucker Carlson provides insight on price controls, inflation, the rising cost of gas, and Democrats' power play.

Tucker Carlson reacts to the politicization of the Texas school shooting in Ulvade, reflects on mental illness and stopping vi...

Tucker Carlson and Will Cain react to President Biden's response to the Texas elementary school shooting.

Civil Rights attorney Robert Patillo reacts to the gubernatorial candidate calling Georgia ‘the worst state’ to live.

Tucker Carlson torches Democrats' response to those who disagree with them.

Tucker Carlson provides insight on the domestic terrorism bill.

Jimmy Failla reacts to the former NYC mayor eyeing a seat in Congress.

Tucker voices his concerns over inflation and American energy imports.

of UFOs from the public?

Tucker Carlson voices his concerns over the baby formula shortage.

Tucker Carlson reacts to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter.

seeking to forcibly silence news outlet

Tucker Carlson gives his take on censorship.

GOP gubernatorial candidate

Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the legislation.

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