Those who refused to bow down to social pressure deserve to be commended. Recognition for those individuals who did not blindl...

Seeking God’s Wisdom, Taking Down MS-13, and His Advice to Donald Trump

Iran, and What Chris Cuomo Should Do with the Rest of His Life

Wants Jacob Chansley Dead

Debate Trump, Abortion, and COVID Lies

Here’s How We Stop It.

Since Putin Interview

Seeking Peace with the West

Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024.

The interview will appear here: https://bit.ly/3RCq6cc

to Coordinated Smear Campaign Against Him

Exclusive Interview

Investigative Report

The two defining tragedies of our time — the war in Ukraine and the presidency of Joe Biden — are both finally coming to an end.

Worse Than Previously Thought

You’ll be shocked to learn this, but it turns out the whole George Floyd story was a lie.

of Cancelled Election/Martial Law

Donald Trump appeared in court today, but it wasn’t a legal proceeding. It was a grotesque parody of the system our ancestors ...

The Bill O'Reilly Interview.

Liberals like Karl Rove just tried to annihilate Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. It didn't work. Paxton just joined us for ...

Hyperinflation and reckless monetary policy could soon devastate the global economy. We traveled to Argentina, where it’s alre...

Larry Sinclair says he had a night of crack cocaine-fueled sex with Barack Obama, and that Obama came back for more the next d...

Dave Portnoy founded Barstool Sports and just completed the most impressive business transaction of our lifetime. He also just...

This is exactly what sets President Trump apart from the other GOP candidates.

Trump Interview Gets 300 Million Views

Debate Night with Donald J Trump.

Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

Into the abyss

Vivek Ramaswamy is the youngest Republican presidential candidate ever. He's worth listening to.

RFK Jr. explains Ukraine, bio-labs, and who killed his uncle

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund reveals what really happened on January 6th. Our Fox News interview with him never air...

January 6 will go down in history as the day the government staged a riot to cover up the fact they certified a fraudulent ele...

The Tate brothers have just been released from house arrest in Romania, so it seemed like a good time to hear from Andrew's br...

Part 2

Part 1

the studio interview

Stay in your lane

Pence Tells Tucker Carlson What He Thinks of Struggling Americans

Did THIS just END Mike Pence’s political career?!

Plus He BLOCKED Me on Twitter

Full Interview | Trump, Ukraine, and the State of America

Blames Tucker Carlson for Pending Charges Over Jan 6th Protest

The Andrew Tate interview

Rick from Boston is telling us he wants to be known as female Admiral Rachel Levine. Accept his lie or pay the consequences, b...

Irony Alert: the war for democracy enables dictatorship.

The psyop behind the projection pushing America into fragmentation is deliberate and financially backed by billionaires and ma...

Bobby Kennedy is winning

As in most of the developing world, it's safer to be the president's son than his opponent.

Wannabe Dictator

America's principles are at stake

'Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime.' - Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin's secret police.


Cling to your taboos!

Tucker Carlson's First Episode of His New Show on Twitter

Tucker on Twitter

Liberal Media Melting Down After Tucker Carlson's Big Announcement!

Alex Jones reveals the backstory to Tucker Carlson's alliance with Elon Musk as he announces his shows move to Twitter.

Race Politics, and Big Tech Survelliance

And They're FANTASTIC! - Secretly Recorded - Behind-the-Scenes

Multi-Pronged Assault To Dethrone Tucker

his first video since leaving Fox News


Tucker no longer has a leash or a boss to appease. Only truth. Tucker has become Alex Jones.

Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson has been fired by Fox News.

Was Really Fired From Fox News

exit from Fox News explained

Megyn Kelly on Tucker Carlson Leaving Fox News

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