The War Room (Videos)

In Latest Attack Against Elon Musk

What’s Next In The Lawsuits In Maricopa County

In A Big Loss For Elon And Free Speech

Is In Charge Of House Investigation Into FTX

Than Anything Joe Biden Has Done Since Becoming President

What Matters And Want Doesn’t For 2024

And What Republicans Better Do Now To Win

After Elon Musk Censors Them And Says Vote Republican

‘For The Sake Of The Country’

Is a Stake in the Heart of the Globalist agenda

As Elon Musk Arrives At Twitter With Sink And Wants To Bring Back Free Speech

During One Of Her Concerts?

After Battle Tank Crashes Rally In Austin, Texas

Tune In Now To Discover That Fate

Continues To Reach New Levels

But Then When He Does They Complain

The Donald Isn’t Going Anywhere And Plans To Fight for America

Not Realizing They're Next

To Billion Dollar Judgment In Historic Legal Case

Be Victorious And Owen Is A Clone of Lincoln

And Encourages Others To Join

War Room With Owen Shroyer

War Room With Owen Shroyer

in Latest Round of War Escalations

War Room With Owen Shroyer

One of the Slaves Escaped the Plantation

To Lower Oil Prices To Save Democrats Before Midterms

The Average American Man And Woman Are Severely Overweight

For Screwing Up America

And Position In The World Economy

Used By Beto Door Knockers Against The Elderly

And End Their Totalitarian Control Of Information

That Should Scare Americans

A very powerful message about the importance of standing your ground in life.

Owen comments on the latest tragic update about the consequences of taking the covid vaccine.

Are Out Of Control!

In Strange Tweet

Their ‘Russia Blew Up The Pipeline’ Narrative Has Failed

Of American Citizens

And The American Media Is Dead Silent

After One Of The Scariest Injuries Ever Seen

Soon After Getting Vaxxed To Travel

Fair Musical Performance Or Communist Propaganda

While Visiting Demilitarized Zone Outside South Korea

Owen talks about the double standard the left has when they try to shame conservatives for their political views in public.

Owen wonders why Donald Trump must always be the lone sane voice on the global stage.

In Recent Blatant Lie For Joe Biden As Media Pool Heckles Her

Today's War Room Highlights covers clips from all 3 hours of the broadcast with your host, Owen Shroyer, along with special gu...

About Italy’s New PM

And No One Wants To Say Why

Not Right Wing

Putin Issues Dire Warning To Americans

With Hookers While He Claims He Can’t Afford Child Support

Owen reveals what may be the most important puzzle piece to bring down the democrat narrative that Trump supporters had planne...

For Waving American Flag On Side Of Road In Texas

That Everyone Missed

Confronting Her Outside Of The Capitol Building

That If He Loses He’ll Quit His Show

Owen explains why the left is hell bent on smearing conservative athletes.

From Illegal Immigrants Arriving By Bus

That She Was Caught Fake Crying In Viral Video

Goes Ignored By Mainstream Media

Of Young High School Students Shocks The Internet

Reveal Dangerous Pattern in America Being Ignored


Robert Davi joins Kristi Leigh to discuss his film 'My Son Hunter' that was just released by Breitbart and what the audience c...

Robert Malone

King Charles’ Ascension To The Throne Symbolic Of The Global Agenda Acceleration

Kristi Leigh previews her interview with a holocaust survivor who gives her important insight into the similarities between Ad...

For Being Fat And Oppressed

Wearing A Facemask Could Make You Psychotic

Today's War Room Highlights covers clips from all 3 hours of the broadcast with your host, Owen Shroyer, along with special gu...

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