over Hunter Biden following 'explosive' information

over comments about GOP, guns

'The Five' panel react to the president's blame game as inflation hits American pockets.

Supreme Court rocked by the release of draft Roe v. Wade opinion; 'The Five' reacts.

slammed by 'The Five' panelists

is a good idea

'The Five' reacts to the arrest of New York subway shooting suspect Frank James.

‘The Five’ discusses Elon Musk’s reversal on decision to join Twitter’s board of directors and how Democrats are reacting to M...

‘The Five’ discusses President Biden’s recent ban on ‘ghost gun’ kits resulting in a federal prosecution if violated.

'The Five' discuss the actor's assessment of the Ukraine war.

'The Five' react to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ramping up the pressure on President Biden to go further Left.

‘The Five’ discuss whether it was appropriate for Will Smith to slap Chris Rock.

Russia is targeting Ukrainian civilians despite cease-fire; 'The Five' reacts.

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