The American Journal (Videos)

Over Chinese Covid Quarantine Camp

For The First Time In 40 Years

Hospital Threatened To Take Her Baby

Can Watch You All The Time, Anywhere

A 'Conspiracy Theory'

For Mocking Her Dead Dad At His Funeral

Katie Hobbs Beats Kari Lake, Despite Not Campaigning, Refusing To Debate

To Save Money

A Political 'Schlieffen Plan?'

For The First Time Ever

After Violating Impersonation Rules

Removes 482 Year Old Cross Ahead Of Meeting

Reveal How Celebrities Are Controlled By Secret Handlers

Republicans Launch Massive Ad Campaign To Destroy The Democrats

Paul Pelosi's alleged attacker has been described by his neighbor as left-leaning nudist drug abuser', so why is the media por...

As Democrat Policies Means No One Is Safe

To Losing $2 Billion In One Day

Modern Leftists Are The Worst People In History

To Push Woke Propaganda

Fetterman’s Trainwreck Debate Performance

Number Of High-Profile Deaths Is Becoming Impossible To Ignore

For Protesting The New World Tyranny

Singer Dies On Stage

Will Enslave Nations If It’s Not Stopped

Against The Globalist War Machine

To Take Children From Parents Who Refuse Transgender Care

Despite Not Having A Soul

Good People Must Be Demoralized And Humiliated

To Make Trump Speaker Of The House

Globalists In Their Own Words

Condemning Pfizer’s Vaccine Lies

Says 'Elitist Cabal' Has Taken Over

Have Been Killed By The Covid 'Vaccine' Already

Is Setting Murderers Free

In Massive Cyber Attack

To Enslave Millions

For Speaking His Mind

Calls It An 'Error'

'These Guys Might Have Really Been Holding Trump Back'

The Institution Of Mass Brainwashing & Social Engineering.

Behind The 'Inflation Reduction Act' Climate Scam Bill

Calls For 'Pre-emptive' Nuclear Strike Against Russia

By Following His Instincts

The Secret Conflict Fuelling WW3

Finally Breaking Through To The Mainstream

Exposes The Insane War Hunger Of Ruling Elite

As Evidence Of Western Elites’ Satanic Agenda

To 'Flatten The Curve' Of Demand

Caught Logging Old-Growth Forests In Canada To Burn Trees For Fuel

Become Battlefields For Good Vs. Evil

is a 'Tremendous Opportunity' for the Great Reset

For Complaining About Biological Male Watching Them Undress

Signaling Enormous Risk Of Global Collapse

Driving Geo-Political Conflict

And Warns Against Nuclear War

So Kill That Baby And Get Back To Work

Is Blaming Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage On America

A Look At All Likely Suspects

The American Journal

For Collection Of Over A Thousand DVDs Of Child Rape

The American Journal

In Civilian Areas At Checkpoints

As Vaccine Narrative Crumbles

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