The Alex Jones Show (Videos)

for Exposing Balenciaga Pedo Promotion

in MUST SEE New Interview!

Exposes U.N. Global Lockdown Plan

Balenciaga Blown Wide Open as Public Awakens to Elites’ Pedophile Agenda

With This Major Breaking Information

Learn Why

Alex Jones breaks down an important message to American icon Ice Cube after he turned down a $9 million pay day after refusing...

Declaration Of War / Apparent Threat

Alex Jones responds to Elon Musk stating that he will not reinstate Alex to Twitter.

Elmo Targtets Children to Take Covid Jab

Kate Dalley guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to expose the spiritual warfare for humanity.

Alex Jones breaks down the clip of Zelenskyy not telling the truth about errant missiles hitting Poland.

Of Arizona Election Theft

Maria Zee of guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the new lockdown mandates being pushed on Aus...

to Pushing Disabled Man to Kill Himself

Clinical trials that found therapeutic medications ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were ineffective Covid treatments were fu...

Midterm Red Wave was STOLEN by Deep State

Ye discusses more on how he can not and will not be controlled.

with Author Kent Heckenlively

in Powerful Must Watch Interview

Jay Dyer guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the hollywood handlers steering celebrities into submission to their pr...

as Election Fraud Runs Rampant?

to Additional $473 Million Judgement

that Charges Have Been Dropped Against Election Software CEO Accused of Chinese Collusion

Giant ugly new 5G towers are starting to take over New York City and, despite attempting to look futuristic, many can’t help b...

with Kate Dalley

to the Red Wave Sweep of the Election

Owen Shroyer exposes the evidence of voter fraud in the recent midterm election.

Hit Key Battlegrounds

The Silver Lining Of This Election

The Tipping Point Rant

Exposes Mind Control and Gaslighting Affects the Population

are Nuremberg Violation Level Racketeering

After World Awakens To Deadly Shots

Learn What They Don't Want You to Know

Reaching Mad Max Level Collapse

About Reinstating Alex Jones After Twitter Takeover

at First Rally Post Debate

Warning 'Unelected Elitists' Including Obama Running the Country

Legalizes Kidnapping and Torture for Violating Covid Restrictions

But You Can Protect Your Wealth Before Too Late

Malfunctions During Debate Against Dr. Oz

As Biden Takes A 5th Shot On Live TV

to Escape Engineered Collapse, Emerge from the Ashes as 'Gods'

as Political Pressure To Cancel Ye Continues

as the Globalist Left Collapses America

The Plan to Silence Infowars Has Failed

Expose the Rise of the Medical Technocracy

in Powerful Statement

Gavin McInnes joins Alex Jones to expose the leftist war on our children.

Alex Jones is Captain Ahab taking on the Globalists!

While Holding an Ice Cream Cone

Roger Stone joins Alex Jones to voice his support of a Donald Trump / Kanye West ticket in 2024.

Highlights Need For A Pro-Human Future

To Hold Political Enemies During Nuclear War

'a Fabrication'

the Criminal Banking Industry's Plan to Fine Free Speech

An anti-oil activist group tried to destroy a nearly priceless oil painting because, somehow, they think that’ll win them publ...

Signals Death of Free Speech

Alex Jones addresses the leftist establishment's attempts to end Infowars.

Says Former White House Medical Advisor

in Kangaroo Court Judgement

Why do we have the major global issues we do today? One word: Denial. 'I HAD ENOUGH OF IT! ENOUGH OF IT!'


Jeff Nyquist of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the timeline of war with Russia.

Alex Jones responds to the nearly $1 Billion dollar judgement in the sandy hook case.

Confirm Covid Vax Causing Mass Death

the Globalists Big Secret

than the Great Depression

to Overthrow the Government in Ukraine Before Escalating War with Russia

Gerald Celente guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the state of the world pushing closer to nuclear war.

We are Officially at War with Russia

Thomas Renz of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the next front of the fight against the medical t...

Covid Shots Causing Mass Death

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