Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is an American talk show host and conservative political commentator.

Sean Hannity (Videos)

The 2022 elections are a choice between lovers or haters of America, Mark Levin tells 'Hannity'.

Sean Hannity rips President Biden for the nation's crises and 'crushing' inflation.


according to report

Dr. Oz

Fox News host Sean Hannity weighs in on Obama's 'misinformation' campaign and the death of CNN+.

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi react to Florida stripping Disney of its specia...

CNN's Brian Stelter presents the case against reading and thinking for yourself. Doing your own research might seem innocent b...

Sean Hannity calls out Jen Psaki for lying to distract from Biden's failures.

to discuss Russian invasion of Ukraine

‘better and stronger’ than ever before

The Clintons have a long history with the black Republic of Haiti. In January of 2010 after 220,000 Haitians were decimated in...

Judge Jeanine and Joe Concha react to the vice president appearing to be unprepared for questions from the press.

Sean Hannity blasts Nancy Pelosi's response to President Biden discussing U.S. troops in Afghanistan during his State of the U...

Sean Hannity tackles communist China, CNN and Mark Zuckerberg in his opening monologue.

ox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy joins ‘Hannity’ after questioning Jen Psaki on the administration’s handling of ...

The Democratic process under Nancy Pelosi has become that of a dictatorship. As the face of the January 6th patriot trap, Jaco...

Kyle Rittenhouse's mother joins 'Hannity' to discuss the response to her son's case.

Jordan Belfort joins Sean Hannity to discuss the current situation between GameStop, Robinhood and hedge funds.

They aided and abetted Adam Schiff.

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden despite mounting evidence backing up sexual assault claim against the presumptive Democrati...

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