Rachel Elnaugh
Evolutionary Entrepreneur

Rachel Elnaugh is an extremely cool British entrepreneur.

Rachel Elnaugh (Videos)

for IckonicTV 25 Nov 2022

Filmed at Cressbrook Dale on 25 November 2022

...to come along to a public meeting by 'the people' for 'the people' at Bakewell Town Hall on the evening on Thursday 17 Nove...

Rachel's ramblings on the 'Great Reveal', The System, Common Law, standing as an MP and how we find an alternative way of orga...

Rachel's reflections on our new PM Rishi Sunak.

Filmed at Cressbrook Dale on 20 September 2022

Filmed at Cressbrook Dale on 17 September 2022

13 Sep 2022

Filmed at Cressbrook Dale on 30 August 2022

4 August 2022

If you'd like more information on becoming part of our Cressbrook Dale community please email me.

William Berry launched a university accommodation website with a business partner. He's seeking a £150,000 investment for 15% ...

Filmed at Cressbrook Dale in the Peak District.

Celebrating the crowdfunded acquisition on c70 acres of land at Cressbrook Dale in the Peak District which exchanged/completed...

17 March 2022


To watch the full uncut video please click the Odysee link.

Rachel Elnaugh

There's a reason why the insanity and chaos is being ramped up... Here's an explanation ~ plus the antidote.

My response on yesterday's announcement re: the 12 to 15 year olds.

Entrepreneur and former 'Dragon' Rachel Elnaugh speaking out about what she believes is currently unfolding.

Rachel Lowe has been creating games since 2002 and is pitching 'Destination' - 'The fast-moving taxi board game for all the fa...

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