and what he told me before he died in a Ukrainian prison

in exclusive first interview after nerve-wracking close calls in Mexico

will be a TOTAL HOAX (psyop IQ test)

Will Be the Downfall of Humanity

Russia deploys doomsday nuclear ocean drones as global economic MELTDOWN looms

SATANIC western leaders who PILLAGE the world

point to the US Navy

Experts Warn Civilization Threatened

(And How to Prepare)

Wearing A Facemask Could Make You Psychotic

The Great Reset Plan to Starve Out Humanity Exposed

Colonizing In The Human Body

That Colonize In The Human Body

In Cadavers After Vax

Guest Jeff Nyquist joins guest host Mike Adams of https://naturalnews.com/ on The Alex Jones Show to break down the reports of...

Discuss How To Survive In A Potential Societal Collapse

Before We All Starve To Death

Mike Adams joins Alex Jones to break down the riots that will happen when inflation affects to food supply chain in the US.

While the world is transfixed by the spectacle of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Great Reset rolls on. In the next phase...

Mike Adams joins Alex to discuss Mike's shocking report that confirms our worst fears about the negative long term affects tha...

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