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Liz Wheeler is an American TV host, conservative political commentator, and bestselling author.

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Of course the World Economic Forum promoted Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX, because we know that crypto is crucial to their global ...

There are a few pre-existing concerns that need to be addressed following Trump’s presidential announcement.

of the Bankman-Fried FTX Fraud

Republicans won

A nudist hippie that flies BLM and pride flags, sells psychedelic drugs, and lives in a commune certainly doesn’t sound like y...

No politician has been able to expose the radical Left the way Kanye West has.

ft. Michael Knowles

We are not a nation of racism

Either all Floridians are going to be supported by federal hurricane relief or the rebuilding effort is going to be distribute...

The Left is dividing people and decimating unity in our nation in order to destroy our country and impose Marxism.

To the Left, you aren’t a real black person if you don’t like Joe Biden, if you like Trump, if you are a conservative, or if y...

If Kamala Harris truly believes the moral thing to do is discriminate against white people and redistribute wealth, then why d...

This is what we want in America! The rejection of wokeism and standing up for freedom.

Big announcement!

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