Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is an English media personality, columnist and political commentator.

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the most dangerous city in America?

You might not want to hear this.

1) assessment 2) solution 3) reassurance.

But here’s some GREAT news…

Katie Hopkins on...

The term ‘ally’ is a sleight of hand.

Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL

Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL

and it has NOTHING to do with Ukraine.

Thanks Democrats.

Life is not the avoidance of death

Katie Hopkins

Please say her name today to one other person.

Thank you for the banner, lads.

In this installment of The Fallen State TV's segment, THE HOT SEAT, Jesse quizzes British media personality and columnist Kati...

Watch Katie Hopkin's complete unedited version of her conversation with Femi Oluwole of Our Future, Our Choice.

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