Laura Ingraham shares her concerns for America being run by a 'gerontocracy'.

'I can win this election in a landslide'

on being forced into social media training: 'Unacceptable'

reflects on debate performance: 'It was fun'

has a message for 'scumbag' politicians

what will deliver the 'revolution of 2024' to America

over answer to pardoning Trump

'I'm not running for president of MSNBC'

Biden's disastrous trip to Hawaii

Jesse Watters calls out FEMA for staying at luxury resorts in Hawaii following the wildfires.

‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss the fallout from former President Donald Trump’s Georgia indictment.

announces special counsel in Hunter Biden investigation

'The Five' co-hosts discuss Vice President Kamala Harris’ comments about Florida's slavery curriculum.

‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss movie mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg saying President Biden should embrace his age and presidential cand...

can't protect Biden from this

from the White House

Judge Jeanine SOUNDS OFF on Trump indictment

'The Five' co-hosts weigh in on the media's reaction to President Biden's fall at the Air Force Academy commencement.

in first 6 months as president

Jesse Watters dissects the Trump-DeSantis rivalry and woke companies' gender fluid policies.

Jesse Watters says the U.S. ‘traded excellence’ for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Jesse Watters

is an ‘enormous embarrassment’ for the FBI

Jesse Watters highlights reporters peppering President Biden with softball questions about Mother's Day and more.

'The Five' co-hosts discuss the liberal media losing it over CNN’s townhall with former President Donald Trump.

Jesse Watters reacts to new claims the Biden family profited from foreign contacts.

over Hunter Biden following 'explosive' information

famous Californian to move to Florida

WARNING: Graphic footage—Fox News host Jesse Watters says liberals want to convince Americans that the country is racist.

'The Five' panelists react to President Biden cutting water use in dishwasher cycles.

Jesse Watters calls out President Biden's softball interviews.

throw Biden back in the basement

Springer helped revolutionize daytime talk TV. His family says he died peacefully in his home after battling cancer.

Journalist Chadwick Moore shares his thoughts on who the '+' includes in the LGBTQIA+ group.

Tucker Carlson sounds off on the U.S. government arresting people for saying things the White House doesn't like for the first...

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's Political Director, Balazs Orban, explains why dozens of European Union countries are ...

Cocco's Pizza delivery driver Tyler Morrell joins 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to discuss how he stepped in to help officers make ...

this is turning America into a system of socialism for the rich

Tucker Carlson gives his take on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s censorship for his views on COVID and the Ukraine war.

WARNING—Graphic footage: Tucker Carlson voices his concerns after a weekend of violence in Chicago.

potential dangers of hyper-intelligent AI

the most 'jaw-dropping' takeaway from Elon Musk interview

Tucker Carlson gives his take on the leak of classified government documents.

the electric car 'fantasy'

are mimicking civil rights leaders

biggest threat is 'nuclear warming'

calls out double standard in latest self defense case

Tucker Carlson examines why President Biden has not announced his 2024 re-election campaign and why California Gov. Gavin News...

is America's fastest-growing religion

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