When Summer drops Aadi's revision cards in the exam when going to take her insulin, the invigilator thinks Aadi was cheating.

Toyah tells Leanne she is leaving for a while to get some space. Leanne thinks it makes her look guilty.

of Getting Into Oxford

Peter tells Carla the good news about Thorne and when she leaves he see's a text from him on her phone.

After Being Dumped By A Boy

Kelly admits to Abi that she was the one to pay her solicitor fee.

Abi warns Imran that she will get Alfie back and the truth will come out about what he has done.

One Year On From His Death

Kelly decides she wants to see her mum before she passes but it is too late.

With Faye and Craig's Selfish Attitude

After Kevin Kicks Her Out

The social worker returns to Abi to tell her that her son has suffered complications while in the hospital.

Sarah finds Lydia's last piece of planted evidence, a second phone in Adam's sock draw.

Debbie tells Abi that Kevin told her to move all of her stuff out of his house and they won't return until she's gone.

Lucas tries to convince Carla to break up with Peter and go away with him.

After 36 years, Debbie Webster is back on Coronation Street - and she's brought trouble with her!

When Carla learns the truth about Peter’s affair with the babysitter, there’s every chance that her rage will be strong enough...

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