You Are Here
Jon Bowne
Where are you? You are here. Trapped in a constricting technocratic corporacratic scientific eugenicist dictatorship. How did you get here? You never stood up for your liberty even when the chips were down.

You assumed that the freedom afforded you in the Constitution was on auto pilot. Even though our founders warned us ad infinitum of the very hellscape we face. While you slept a world government was invisibly formed by a sociopathic elite that stole all of the wealth through deception.

And now you and I are here.
6th March 2022
People in this video

Alex Jones
Radio host

Maxine Waters
US Politician

Nancy Pelosi
US Politician

Adam Schiff
US Politician

Ana Navarro
Political Commentator

Elie Mystal
Political Commentator

James Lovelock

Mel Gibson

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