The Rot Is Real
Jon Bowne
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The rot is real. America is deliberately being destroyed from within. Whether it’s the Chinese linked Mexican drug cartels cancerous fentanyl infiltration of every nook and cranny of America.

Now the expanse of the western United States has been finally breached as federal officials report that Mexican drug cartels are targeting six Native American reservations in Montana for the sale of deadly fentanyl.

Meanwhile, Democrat operatives are targeting black Americans that stray from their clutches of mind control.

Congressmen are barred from investigating issues at federally funded immigration centers.

While foreigners declaring asylum ravage the United States like it’s their personal ATM machine. As Border Patrol reported that Earlier this week, two Romanian nationals, one on a J1 Visa and the other awaiting a court hearing related to an asylum claim, were arrested in a vehicle stop. Agents found 101 gift cards with stolen data, burglary tools, & skimming devices in their car.

Time for the United States is running out. The rot is real and it is exponentially accelerating.
12th February 2024
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