The Invisible Government


The most dangerous group in the world is not the Sinaloa Cartel or the Italian Mafia, not because they aren’t vicious and psychotic, but because their sphere of influence is surprisingly limited. They can’t kill all of us.

However, when it comes to groups that actually do have a sphere of influence that is wide enough to capture the world, and the tenacity and psychopathy to actually pull it off, the Committee of 300 absolutely has to be the most dangerous organization on the entire planet.

Haven’t heard of them? That is by design, but they simply cannot hide forever after what they have done to humanity, and civil society must come to understand that there are monsters among us.

Uploaded: 19th March 2022

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In this video

George Carlin

David Icke

Greta Thunberg
Environmental activist

George W. Bush
43rd U.S. President

Bill Clinton
42nd U.S. President

Hillary Clinton
US Politician

Donald Rumsfeld
US Politician

Alex Jones
Radio host

Bill Gates

Charlie Robinson
Political Commentator

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