Russian state TV says nuclear war is 'probable'

Russian President Vladimir Putin is 'unstable' and his nuclear threat is just more 'barking' from a man at his wit's end, according to former British Special Forces' Ant Middleton.

Hosts on Russian state television have recently ramped up rhetoric that the world is on the brink of nuclear Armageddon as the conflict in Ukraine drags on.

According to a Twitter video compilation posted by Daily beast columnist and creator of the Russian Media Monitor Julia Davis, Putin’s supporters are now advocating for nuclear war.

The comments come as Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated Russia is prepared to use nuclear weapons if Western nations continue to intervene in the conflict.

'I think he's at his wit's end now – and now he's trying to divert people by making the noise that he's got nuclear weapons,' Mr Middleton told Sky News host Piers Morgan.

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