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Press Freedom's Last Gasp

Joe Biden's Federal bunglers of injustice, the FBI and Federal Prosecutors, once again fumbled their 1st Amendment violating undercover operations after misleading a federal court seeking unwarranted gag orders during a federal investigation of Project Veritas' ties to the alleged theft of a diary belonging to President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley.

Politico claims that 'The raids generated controversy in some circles because Project Veritas identifies itself as a news organization and the use of search warrants against journalists and news outlets is extremely rare due to Justice Department policies and a federal law passed in 1980 to limit such investigative steps.'

Again Politico jealously paints the falsehood that Project Veritas 'identifies' as a news organization. Project Veritas IS absolutely a News organization.

After Project Veritas was raided Roger Stone style, U.S. District Court Judge Analisa Torres agreed to a request by Project Veritas to appoint a special master to review the info on the seized devices to ensure that prosecutors could not get access to emails, text messages and other records that might be subject to attorney-client privilege or other legal protections.

Lo and behold, Project Veritas’ attorneys learned that that for nearly a year before the raids even occurred prosecutors had already used gag orders to use grand jury subpoenas and court-ordered seizures of all of the emails O’Keefe and several colleagues kept during a three-month span in 2020.

Everyone with any sense in their head sees it clear as day. The Federal Government aided by a deeply propagandized media is yet again openly violating First Amendment Rights in order to satisfy the dictatorial demands to cover up the NWO agenda.

7th April 2022

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Merrick Garland
United States Attorney General

James O’Keefe

Ursula von der Leyen
President of the European Commission

Alex Jones
Radio host

Norm Pattis
Trial Attorney

Josh Hawley

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