Military Brass Are A National Security Risk

The lawsuit between the U.S. Navy Seals and Joe Biden revealing an 1100 percent death rate that could balloon into 5000 percent due to the injection of the mrna covid vaccine shines a spotlight on the leadership of our military under a bumbling imposter in chief.

The Marxists running Biden's dwindling brain have loudly complained about systematic racism in the private and public sectors. Yet there is no concern for the systematic ignorance within the U.S. military that allows those seeking higher brass to continue for decades as serial rapists and child molesters.

Case in point, Staff Sgt. Randall S. Hughes got off with a slap on the wrist after he raped the wife of a young soldier under his charge during a Super Bowl party in 2017.

It wasn’t the first time Hughes raped someone, according to charge sheets, Hughes transferred to Fort Dix, New Jersey, in the intervening years. It wasn’t long before he was once again accused of rape — this time by his teenage daughter. But now, Fort Dix CID agents saw the GOMOR in Hughes’ file, and in 2020 they began looking into his past.

That CID inquiry ultimately resulted in criminal charges spanning more than a decade and involving five victims. A plea agreement whittled the charges down to a few of the most recent incidents, but still included both 2017 rapes. Frodsham pleaded guilty to sex abuse charges in 2016 and is serving a 17-year sentence. But records reviewed by the AP show that the U.S. Army and the state of Arizona missed or ignored several red flags over more than a decade, which allowed Frodsham to allegedly abuse his adopted son and other children for years, practices that made him vulnerable to blackmail.

It is actually systematic incompetence and blackmail that runs rampant throughout our military and private and public sectors. Crushing what remains of American national security. A problem we would likely address If the Country wasn't infested by Marxist treason.

Uploaded: 5th April 2022

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