Joe Biden's supporters are strangely quiet

as his presidency descends into crisis

The rich and powerful queued up to tell everyone in 2020 that Joe Biden had the experience, values and humility needed to bring respect back to the Oval Office.

Uploaded: 22nd March 2022

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In this video

Joe Biden
US Politician

Kamala Harris
US Politician

Chuck Schumer
United States Senator

Nancy Pelosi
US Politician

Lady Gaga

Hillary Clinton
US Politician

Colin Powell
Former United States Secretary of State

Ronald Reagan
40th U.S. President

George H. W. Bush
41st U.S. President

George W. Bush
43rd U.S. President

Cindy McCain

Barack Obama
44th U.S. President

Bill Clinton
42nd U.S. President

Hunter Biden

Scott Morrison
Prime Minister of Australia

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia

Angela Merkel
Former Chancellor of Germany

Emmanuel Macron
President of France

Ursula von der Leyen
President of the European Commission

Anna Wintour

Jon Stewart

Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York City

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