Biden's Only Option
False Flag
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As the economy tanks and gas prices shoot through the roof. Putin has reportedly ordered the withdrawal of troops as the Russian Federation's side of the story was spun by globalists. Biden's handlers at the United Nations have been given their marching orders.

Their masters require a World War to feed the dwindling spending of Defense Departments and the reaping of war profits. So Biden and company will unleash the beast no matter what. We are now experiencing Gulf of Tonkin 2022. Using an exchange of live fire between Ukrainian and Russian forces and a supposed shelling of a shelling of a Kindergarten in the Luhansk region of Ukraine to fuel the False Flag projections.

If you aren't paying attention. It is UN NWO tool and compromised criminal President Biden that is the aggressor and must be stopped before millions die needlessly to satiate his overlords.
17th February 2022
People in this video

Joe Biden
US Politician

Antony Blinken

Jens Stoltenberg
Norwegian politician

Karine Jean-Pierre
White House Press Secretary

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