The Mask
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Covidland: The Mask is the second episode in the riveting Infowars Original Series known as Covidland. This installment in the series documents the truth about face masks while drawing on expert interviews familiar with the regulatory codes for personal protective equipment (PPE) to examine the health impact that masks have on the youth.

The medical establishment has long known that surgical and cloth masks offer no protection from viruses and are fertile breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

We must put an end to the barbaric practice of masking children. Kids are bearing the brunt of this foolish, unscientific practice as they are forced to wear masks all day long at school.
10th February 2022
People in this video

Alex Jones
Radio host

Donald Trump
President of the United States

Boris Johnson
Former British Prime Minister

Emmanuel Macron
President of France

Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada

Anthony Fauci
Director of NIAID

Andrew Cuomo
Former Governor of New York

Sherri Tenpenny

Michael J. Ryan

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