Canadian Great Reset Tyranny

The next step on the New World Order Agenda is being normalized by Trudeau’s unprecedented power grab. And very soon the graduates of tyranny will follow suit. Creating an environment ripe for False Flag Order out of Chaos.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won’t be able to stop himself from breaking up families and destroying their pets. As Biden's January 6th Gulag playbook will be repeated over the coming months. The Dictatorial pandemic has only just begun. Trudeau knows that he can rule at the discretion of the monarchy with no term limit in sight. But Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom will eventually catch up to him.

Uploaded: 20th February 2022

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In this video

Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada

Chrystia Freeland
Canadian Politician

Jacinda Ardern
PM of New Zealand

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

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