Biden Is Murdering Middle Class America

They cannot deny the horrible truth, the Biden Administration is directly responsible for the war in Ukraine, gas prices, food shortages and inflation. Irrefutably attributable to the corrupt sociopathic establishment that hides behind the senile blunderer in chief in plain sight.

Biden’s economic wrecking ball was recently aided by the decimation of small business overwhelmed by the tycoons of the pandemic economy and the doling out of federal covid relief money to corrupt globalist city councils nationwide. Driving the final stake into the heart of the middle class economy. As 7 in 10 Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. While over half of Americans don’t have 3 months in emergency savings.

The warning signs for an oncoming depression are all there. As food producers continue to minimize their products. Airlines are scale back on flights. Truckers add fuel surcharges. And lawn care companies raise their service fees. Bidenflation destroys the recovery following the pandemic as the war on fossil fuels continues to ripple through an engineered depression to usher in the Great Reset. Where you will own nothing and be happy.

Uploaded: 13th March 2022

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Joe Biden
US Politician

Oliver Stone
Film Director

Viktor Yanukovych
Ukrainian Politician

Victoria Nuland
US Diplomat

Arseniy Yatsenyuk
Ukrainian Politician

Tucker Carlson

Jen Psaki
Former White House Press Secretary

Nancy Pelosi
US Politician

Bill Maher

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