Biden Admin Launches Proxy War
Jon Bowne
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The Biden Administration along with the Military Industrial Complex are weaving tall tales within the dying sycophantic propaganda media to create a proxy war with a reluctant Russia.

Vladamir Putin's response to the floundering inept Biden Administration's accusations is altered by a media in cahoots with a neo con plan that could quickly run off the tracks.

Meanwhile, the Great Reset overlords are playing the World War card amongst the minions of globalism in order to further their failing agenda.
26th January 2022
People in this video

Joe Biden
US Politician

Kamala Harris
US Politician

Antony Blinken

Alex Jones
Radio host

Klaus Schwab
Executive Chairman of the WEF

Jen Psaki
Political advisor

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia

Victoria Nuland
US Diplomat

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