Coronation Street

People from the working class living on a street in Weatherfield, Manchester, go through with their daily lives and deal with the hardships caused by their personal and professional lives.

Created by: Tony Warren.
Music by: Eric Spear

Carla Tells Everyone That She Slept With Jordan

Jordan and Chelsey continue to threaten Carla for money. She takes matters into her own hands and tells everyone in the Rovers about what happened to her when she was homeless.

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How many seasons of Coronation Street are there?

There are 61 seasons of Coronation Street.

Season 1

Date released: 9th December, 1960
Number of Episodes: 7

When was Coronation Street first aired?

Friday, 9th December 1960

Who wrote the music for Coronation Street?

Eric Spear.

Who spoke the first words in Coronation Street?

Elsie Castleway.

Who invented Coronation Street?

Anthony McVay Simpson (Tony Warren).

Who has been in Coronation Street the longest?

William Roache (Ken Barlow).

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Coronation Street spoilers Tracy Barlow to have affair with...

Tracy Barlow could embark on yet another affair in the coming months as tragedy rocks Weatherfield.

Published: Wednesday, 1st July 2020
Source: Tameside News

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