Tameside Rocks was founded to provide a fun and simple activity for little ones to enjoy and bring the community together!

“I had seen this idea floating around a while back and noticed one or two groups pop up but I still couldn’t find anything locally for Tameside so I thought it would be a lovely idea to get one going for our local community! ?

My son absolutely loves collecting when out and about, infact he has a huge obsession with collecting but sadly there are only so many leaves, twigs and rocks our little house can take so I thought this concept was a brilliant idea for us to get stuck into something different, we love anything creative and spending time outdoors and we would really love it if you join in the fun with us too!” ?

Ok, so here’s what you need to do:

1. Collect or buy some rocks, if you are struggling to find rocks you can purchase a bag from your local garden centre.

2. Paint or decorate your rocks in any way you like, you could use anything you like, such as chalk, paint, glitter, stickers or sharpie pens.

We tend to use acrylic paints, with a bit of help from sharpie and posca pens for detail, then we spray varnish over the top to protect them.

Once dry, it is advisable to varnish your rocks with clear varnish to prolong the life of rocks when hiding, this also prevents materials such as glitter, stickers or gems from falling off and littering or harming any wildlife within the area so please do consider this if you are using materials such as glitter etc.

You can find clear yacht varnish in Poundland for just £1 it comes in a tin and is painted on or if you prefer a quicker drying time and less mess you can also buy spray varnish, available at Wilko’s and most DIY Stores however this is a bit more expensive, but I highly recommend it as it’s a lot easier and less messy!

Please ensure your designs are child friendly and don’t forget to write “Tameside Rocks” on the back so fellow players know where to post photos to share their finds.

Don’t forget to spread the word about our Facebook group so finders know where to share their photo.

3. Hide your rocks in a safe, public place for other players to find. Be creative as you like, but please be sure your hiding place is safe and appropriate. Please be considerate of others when hiding your rocks.

4. Go hunting for other decorated rocks then take a photo and share your finds with the group sharing where and when you found it then hide them somewhere new for someone else to discover!

Create, Hide and Discover! ?

We are Tameside Rocks and we ROCK!!! ?

Don’t forget to hashtag #tamesiderocks on social media so we can keep up with you all!

Good luck and happy hunting! 

Jayde Conway x

Tameside Directory Rocks

Tameside Directory have now painted up some rocks and joined in the fun. Mainly hidden around Hollingworth and Etherow Lodge Park. Happy hunting!

Hollingworth Rocks

Hollingworth painted rocks. paint hide and seek. Good fun for all. please be careful and take care.