US Politician

Donald Trump
President of the United States

Tina Forte
Congressional Candidate

Lavern Spicer

Lee Newton Rhodes
Presidential Candidate

Vivek Murthy
United States Surgeon General

Cory Booker
US Politician

Victor Ashe
Former Mayor of Knoxville

Dianne Feinstein
US Poilitician

Gretchen Whitmer
US Politician

Kathy Hochul
US Politician

Randy Voepel
US Politician

Lindsey Graham
US Politician

Harriet Hageman
US Politician

Kevin McCarthy
US Politician

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
US Representative

Cori Bush
US Politician

Mitch McConnell
US Politician

Kevin Mathewson

Joe Manchin
United States Senator

Matt Gaetz
U.S. Representative

Eric Adams
Mayor of New York City

Jennifer Granholm
US Politician

Asa Hutchinson
Governor of Arkansas

Richard Lugar
US Politician

John F. Kennedy
35th U.S. President

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