A person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office.

Karen Howarth-Hamilton
Conservative Candidate

John Bradley
Green Party

Thomas Dunne
Conservative Candidate for Denton West

Mike Baker
Green Party Candidate for Hyde Newton

Danny Mather
Conservative Candidate for Audenshaw

Jean Smee
Green Party Candidate for Denton West

Dan Costello
Local Councillor

Trevor Clarke
Green Party Candidate for St. Peter's

Annie Train
Green Party

Peter Robinson
Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate

Sally Ashe
Liberal Democrats Candidate for Hyde Godley

Peter Ball-Foster
Liberal Democrat

Lee Stafford
Stalybridge Town Party

Jacqueline North
Local Councillor

Lucille Turner
Conservative Candidate for Dukinfield

Denise Ward
Labour Candidate

Ben Hart
Green Party

John Edge
Liberal Party Candidate for Hyde Godley

Sangita Patel
Local Councillor

Leanne Feeley
Local Councillor

Jean Drennan
Labour Candidate for Ashton St Michael’s

Warren Bray
Local Councillor

Stephen Homer
Local Councillor

Phil Blakeney
Green Party Candidate for Ashton Hurst

Dolores Lewis
Local Councillor

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