Angela Rayner
Member of Parliament

Jonathan Reynolds
Member of Parliament

Karen Howarth-Hamilton
Conservative Candidate

Nicola Harrop
Green Party Candidate for Hyde Werneth

Jack Homer
Councillor for Mossley

Harrison Roden
Conservative Candidate for Droylsden West

Maurice Jackson
Reform UK Candidate for Droylsden West

Mike Baker
Green Party Candidate for Hyde Newton

Leigh Drennan
Councillor for Ashton Hurst

Peter Ball-Foster
Liberal Democrats Candidate for Hyde Newton

Andrew Hay
Conservative Candidate for Mossley

David Rose
Conservative Candidate for St. Peter's

Warren Bray
Labour Candidate for St. Peters

Joe Kitchen
Labour Candidate for Hyde Godley

Timothy Cho
Conservative Candidate for Denton South

Jan Jackson
Labour Councillor for Stalybridge North

Leanne Feeley
Labour Candidate for Dukinfield Stalybridge

Thomas Dunne
Conservative Candidate for Denton West

Matthew Holgate
Liberal Democrats Candidate for Ashton Hurst

John Edge
Liberal Party Candidate for Hyde Godley

Hugh Roderick
Labour Candidate for Hyde Werneth

Shaun Offerman
Liberal Democrats Candidate for Longdendale

Hugh Mason

Timothy Body
Green Party Candidate for Audenshaw

Andrea Colbourne

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