The Labour Party

The Labour Party is a centre-left political party in the United Kingdom.

Jonathan Reynolds
Member of Parliament

Angela Rayner
Member of Parliament

Jack Homer
Councillor for Mossley

Stephen Homer
Councillor for Mossley

Peter Robinson
Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate

Warren Bray
Councillor for St. Peters

Gerald Cooney
Councillor for Droylsden West

Leigh Drennan
Councillor for Ashton Hurst

Jean Drennan
Labour Candidate for Ashton St Michael’s

Kurt McPartland
Political candidate

Jan Jackson
Councillor for Stalybridge North

Jacqueline North
Councillor for Longdendale

Andrew Gwynne
MP for Denton and Reddish

Hugh Roderick
Labour Candidate for Hyde Werneth

George Jones
Labour Candidate for Denton West

Sangita Patel
Councillor for Ashton Waterloo

George Newton
Labour Candidate for Denton South

Joe Kitchen
Labour Candidate for Hyde Godley

Denise Ward
Labour Candidate

David Mills
Labour Candidate for Droylsden East

Naila Sharif
Labour Candidate for Dukinfield

Leanne Feeley
Labour Candidate for Dukinfield Stalybridge

Teresa Smith
Labour Councillor for Audenshaw

Kate Green
Member of Parliament

Rebecca Long-Bailey
Member of Parliament

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