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Janice Taylor
Janice Taylor
3 years ago

I have seen nothing mentioned on Labour’s blurb about wildlife and the building of executive houses on open spaces. I refer specifically to Millbrook, Stalybridge where hundreds of houses are apparently going to be built on a huge area of ancient woodland, home to large amounts of wildlife and wildflowers. This is a lovely area beside the canal which is a welcome place for people to walk around and be close to nature and is also a well-loved beauty spot.

I can see no respect of the natural environment by the Labour party which seems to be hell-bent on building ‘executive’ houses on any and every green area possible.

I and many others are absolutely disgusted at the amount of developments in our countryside and the complete and heartless ruination of green areas. It seems Labour will not cease until Tameside is one huge housing estate.

I, for one, shall NEVER vote Labour again for these and other reasons. The treatment of Tameside people by Labour councils as far as recreation in our ruined borough goes is a major insult to us all. Except of course the developers.