Rachel Elnaugh
Evolutionary Entrepreneur

Rachel Elnaugh bio:

Rachel Elnaugh is an extremely cool British entrepreneur who founded the UK gift company Red Letter Days and co-created SourceTV.

Full name: Rachel Elnaugh
Date of birth: 12th December 1964
Day: Saturday
Place of birth: Chelmsford, Essex
Age: 57
Star sign: Sagittarius
Marital status: Unknown
Height: 1.6 metres
Nationality: British

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What star sign is Rachel Elnaugh?


Traits: Generous, highly intelligent, great sense of humor.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac.

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How old is Rachel Elnaugh?

57 years

How tall is Rachel Elnaugh?

1.6 m

Kate Shemirani and Rachel Elnaugh.

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Rachel Elnaugh Quotes

"God is love, and love is a perfect harmonic resonance."

"Swans mate for life, don't they."

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1 year ago

Rachel is a voice of reason in a world gone mad. She provides a lot of information and an alternative view to what is happening around us.

We need more people like her.