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Seguro Ruiz
Seguro Ruiz
9 months ago

I am NOT Greg Reese, because if I were, I wouldn’t know if I would tell you, okay? He don’t know, okay?
You talking to me? You talking to ME?
YOU talking to ME
I’m not a robot

1 year ago

Unique but appropriate mood, concise content, his efficient reports are “must see” priority.

2 years ago

Greg reese is a fake ass punk bitch

Seguro Ruiz
Seguro Ruiz
Reply to  Joe
9 months ago

did you “receive” this info in a heterosexual capacity?

Philip smith
Philip smith
2 years ago

Gregg. Agenda 21 which is linked to the One World Government, includes Martial Law. This would come about by locking Down cities twice. Riots will ensue encouraged by BLM. Police budgets will continue to be withdrawn. Work will disappear food lines will vastly increase as will homelessness.
No police authority? In will come the UN military ( who were spotted some years ago on USA soil i.e. Tanks?)
The Nation will go from lockdown to lock up?
The nation will be crying out for the killer vaccine (The gates foundation) in order to release them from lockup,
and so say give them jobs? (Like Venezuela?)
By then the rich will be vastly richer, the poor will like the Middle Ages. The middle class will be finally be wiped out.
Hope this helps Gregg.