Happy Birthday to...

Matt Smith
Actor (39)

Andrew Bridgen
Member of Parliament (57)

Rachel Levine
United States Assistant Secretary for Health (64)

Bill Gates
Businessman (66)

Peter Hitchens
Journalist (70)


A person (alive, dead, undead, or fictional).

Jonathan Reynolds

Member of Parliament

Angela Rayner

Member of Parliament

Derek Quinn


Karen Howarth-Hamilton

Conservative Candidate

Christopher Tompson

Reform UK Candidate for St. Peter's

Naila Sharif

Labour Candidate for Dukinfield

Jack Homer

Councillor for Mossley

Matt Allen

Conservative Candidate for Ashton St Michael’s

Phil Blakeney

Green Party Candidate for Ashton Hurst

Jan Jackson

Councillor for Stalybridge North

Hugh Roderick

Labour Candidate for Hyde Werneth

Peter Robinson

Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate

Kurt McPartland

Political candidate

Lucille Turner

Conservative Candidate for Dukinfield

Warren Bray

Councillor for St. Peters

Shaun Offerman

Liberal Democrats Candidate for Longdendale

Teresa Smith

Labour Councillor for Audenshaw

Sangita Patel

Councillor for Ashton Waterloo

Tom Cassell


Lavlu Kader


George Newton

Labour Candidate for Denton South

Col Needham


Lorraine Whitehead

Green Party Candidate for Ashton Waterloo