Labour and the Conservatives are standing in every seat, while the Liberal Democrats are challenging just four. UKIP are putting forward five candidates, while the Green Party are contesting 18 seats.

Full list of candidates standing in Tameside Local Elections 2019:

Ashton Hurst

Mike Glover, Labour (Incumbent)
Therese Jane Costello, Conservative
Lorraine Ann Whitehead, Green

Ashton St. Michael’s

Yvonne Valerie Anne Cartey, Labour (Incumbent)
Philip William Blakeney, Green
Karen Marie Brooks, Conservative

Ashton Waterloo

Jean Catherine Drennan, Labour
Lee Alan Huntbach, Green
Irene Marsh, Conservative


Peter Roy Harris, UKIP
Charlotte Elizabeth Martin, Labour
Danny Mather, Conservative

Denton North East

Allison Louise Gwynne, Labour (Incumbent)
Dawn Lesley Cobb, Conservative
Benjamin Hart, Green

Denton South

F’Tang F’Tang Farmin Lord Dave, Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Aimee Louise Lumley, Conservative
Jack Jeremy Naylor, Labour
Jean Margaret Smee, Green

Denton West

Brenda Warrington, Labour (Incumbent)
Thomas Anthony Dunne, Conservative
Daniel Owen Spence, Green

Droylsden East

Laura Maria Boyle, Labour (Incumbent)
Hannah Mary Smee, Green
Matthew Oliver James Stevenson, Conservative

Droylsden West

Ann Joyce Holland, Labour (Incumbent)
Dot Buckley, Conservative
Maurice Jackson, UKIP
Annie Train, Green


John Charles Taylor, Labour (Incumbent)
Lucy Turner, Conservative
Julie Wood, Green

Dukinfield Stalybridge

David Jonathan Sweeton, Labour (Incumbent)
Les Browning, Conservative
Linda Mary Freeman, Green
Dave McGovern, Stalybridge Town Party
Dave Tate, Independent

Hyde Godley

Betty Affleck, Labour (Incumbent)
Andrea Alyson Jane Colbourne, Conservative
Alice Sarah Mason-Power, Liberal Democrats
Dawn Maxine Sheridan, UKIP
Keith Whitehead, Green

Hyde Newton

Helen Theresa Bowden, Labour and Co-operative (Incumbent)
Michael Baker, Green
Peter Stanley Ball-Foster, Liberal Democrats
Michael James Gibbins, Conservative

Hyde Werneth

Shibley Alam, Labour
Paul Joseph Molloy, Conservative
Richard O’Brien, Liberal Democrats
Ian Johnathan Robinson, Green

Polling Station

Irene Brierley, Green
Graham Edward Doherty, Democrats and Veterans Party
Ben Frost, Conservative
Jacqueline Clair Owen, Labour
Lynne Christine Thompson, Liberal Democrats


Taf Sharif, Labour (Incumbent)
Dean Tom Aylett, Independent
Christine Anne Clark, Green
Daniel Percival, Conservative

St. Peters

David McNally, Labour (Incumbent)
Matt Allen, Conservative
Trevor Clarke, Green

Stalybridge North

Adrian James Pearce, Labour (Incumbent)
David Fernley, Green
Josh Hughes, UKIP
Lee Grahame Stafford, Stalybridge Town Party
David Stephen Tilbrook, Conservative

Stalybridge South

Clive Alistair Patrick, Conservative (Incumbent)
Jennifer Brayne, Independent
Amanda Jane Hickling, Green
Kerri Luke, UKIP
Hugh William Roderick, Labour

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council Elections

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