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Richard waugh
Richard waugh
4 years ago

Worst place in history, should be called a butchers! Incompetent doctors, they ha e ruined the last over 6 years of my partners life which of course has had a knock on effect with me and her/my family, wouldn’t recommend it to a dig never mind a human, even when you go to pals they don’t help, they all pee in the same pot, found this out on numerous occasions, see a solicitor like we are!

Dhomhna Mac Hugh.
Dhomhna Mac Hugh.
Reply to  Richard waugh
3 years ago

That’s a shame you feel like that. People always said you went in there but died, so for years I thought that but. …I thought a few people did and it was some underlying condition that caused it to happen.
Most people don’t die but came out a bit better.
Then again you have Babies that are born there so it’s not all doom and gloom…….