Tameside Hospital

Tameside Hospital is listed under Hospitals in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Tameside Hospital

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Tameside General Hospital

Where is Tameside Hospital located?

Fountain Street, Ashton-under-Lyne.

What is Tameside Hospital postcode?


What is the phone number for Tameside Hospital?

0161 922 6000

How many beds does Tameside Hospital have?

Tameside Hospital has 524 beds.

When was Tameside Hospital built?

Tameside Hospital was established in 1861 by Samuel Oldham and Henry Darnton. The Hospital became the Ashton-under-Lyne General Hospital on the formation of the NHS in 1948 and became Tameside General Hospital in 1976.

What time is visiting at Tameside Hospital?

Ward visiting times are 11am until 8pm everyday.

Read more about Tameside Hospital on Wikipedia.

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Richard waugh
Richard waugh
3 years ago

Worst place in history, should be called a butchers! Incompetent doctors, they ha e ruined the last over 6 years of my partners life which of course has had a knock on effect with me and her/my family, wouldn’t recommend it to a dig never mind a human, even when you go to pals they don’t help, they all pee in the same pot, found this out on numerous occasions, see a solicitor like we are!

Dhomhna Mac Hugh.
Dhomhna Mac Hugh.
Reply to  Richard waugh
1 year ago

That’s a shame you feel like that. People always said you went in there but died, so for years I thought that but. …I thought a few people did and it was some underlying condition that caused it to happen.
Most people don’t die but came out a bit better.
Then again you have Babies that are born there so it’s not all doom and gloom…….