Upcoming events
Fields of Gold 2023
Friday, 6th September

Weekend festival celebrating Manchester's most loved music with...

Past events
Bluedot Festival
Thursday, 20th July

Bluedot is a music, science and culture event held annually in ...

Lytham Festival
Wednesday, 28th June

Lytham Festival is an annual five-day music festival in Lytham ...

Sunday, 11th June

Manchester's biggest summer party returns to Heaton Park....

Made in Manchester 2023
Saturday, 27th May


Meadow Festival
Saturday, 13th August

After the succesful spikeball tournament of Meadow 2019 and 202...

Wile Out Festival
Saturday, 9th July

Wile Out Festival returns to Towneley Park on 9th July 2022!...

Sound City Festival
Saturday, 30th April

Leeds Festival
Friday, 27th August

Leeds Festival is an annual music festival that takes place in ...

Morley Music Festival
Saturday, 14th August

Morley Rugby Club are putting on their first ever music festiva...

Leeds Ska & Mod Festival
Sunday, 8th August

Leeds Ska & Mod Festival, Millennium Square, Leeds....

Gateways Festival
Friday, 6th August

#GatewaysFestival at Aireville Park, Skipton, from 6th-8th Augu...

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