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Play Main Event bingo every Monday evening at Buzz Bingo Ashton...

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Big Money Fridays
Friday, 31st May

3 x £500 & 1 x £1,000 Houses. Every Friday....

Past events
Bingo Rhapsody
Friday, 1st March

Bingo Rhapsody is coming to Buzz for a night of fun-filled bing...

Boogie Bingo
Saturday, 2nd September

Bingo Battles
Saturday, 10th June

Action-packed Bingo with cash prizes & fun stuff up for grabs, ...

XXX Bingo
Friday, 17th March

Get ready for the raunchiest night of the year - XXX Rated Bing...

ABBA Bingo Wonderland
Friday, 11th November

Love ABBA? Love Bingo? Then this is the event for you!...

An evening of laughing, dancing, dabbing and 'life changing' pr...

Stand Up Comedy Show
Saturday, 12th February

Award winning comedy show. Finest comedians in the UK....

Bada Bingo
Friday, 1st October

Play Bada Bingo at Buzz Bingo Stockport....

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