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Adrienne Taylor
Adrienne Taylor
4 years ago

My son has been at KDK for nearly 7yrs. Before applying for a place, Su organised a tour of the nursery. He used to be collected and dropped off at home before I drove. When I moved house, we were slightly out of the catchment area for collections but Su made it possible for my son to stay at KDK. Once my son started primary school, KDK didn’t pick up from his school but again, Su did what was possible to keep my son at KDK. Su has always helped where needed, such as last minute change to childcare. If any issues have occured, I have spoken to Su, who has been able to rectify any issues. There was a slightly issue with communication but once I had raised this to Su, it was promptly sorted out.

The ladies who work there are fantastic and are always happy to help in whatever way possible. Any accidents that occur, I have always been asked to sign the accident book – and received a phonecall if needed.

My son has his tea, which is always nutritious, which is important to me as that’s where he has most evening meals. If he doesn’t like what’s for tea – and has been discussed with Su – the ladies will offer him a snack instead so he isn’t too hungry before we get home.
The activities the children partake in during the school holidays are fantastic, which means I know my son isn’t missing out on having fun despite being at kids club whilst I work.

Security is strict, passwords aren’t used at KDK. Photo ID and permission from the parent is required for someone new to collect my child. At times my Dad hasn’t been recognised, Su has called me to check and asked for a photo – though it can be a bit frustrating, I would much rather know my son is safe than a stranger leave with my son.

At the start of the school year, the club always have something new such as new toys or the outside redo if needed.

Reasons I chose KDK:
+ Collections/Drop offs
+ Range of activities during nursery such as: swimming, Footy Tots, Jo Jingles (as well as preparing my son for school)
+ Healthy meals
+ Flexibility due to Su & the ladies at the club
+ The activities of Holiday Club such as going for days out to play centres, cinemas, the park amongst many other things
+ My son comes home happy and raving about his time at kids club