Egerton Park High School

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Egerton Park High School postcode: M34 3PB

Permanently Closed

Where is Egerton Park Arts College located?

Egerton Street, Denton.

What is Egerton Park Arts College postcode?

M34 3PB

When did Egerton Park High School open?

Egerton Park High School was built in 1953.

When did Egerton Park High School close?

Egerton Park High School closed in 2010.

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David Hampson
David Hampson
1 year ago

I was a student between the years 1962-1967 and I was wondering if any one could get in touch with me. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who were students at that time.

Ann Urch
Ann Urch
Reply to  David Hampson
7 months ago

Hi David i was a pupil from 61 to 66. In beta form – I recall

June Pickles
June Pickles
Reply to  David Hampson
6 months ago

Hi David, I attended Egerton Park from 1963 to 1967. I was June Grant back then. I think you would have been the year above me. Do you remember Bill Moore’s (Wilf)? Phil Brown? Ian Mosey? Paul Blackwell? Russell Kelly? Funny I only remember the boys!

I did a school reunion quite a few years ago now but it was great & I’m thinking of doing another. I’m on Facebook if you want to look me up & I also set up a page for Egerton Park ex-pupils.

June Pickles