Dukinfield Bin Dates

Next collection date: 8th December, 2022

Bins for collection: Brown, Green, Blue,

On collection day, please make sure your bin is put out at the edge of your property, or collection point by 7am.

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Please note: This is not a definitive or official calendar, some areas of Dukinfield may have different collections.

Blue bin collections may be incorrect as they are now collected every 3 weeks rather than 2. We will correct this as soon as we can.

Please double check with the council if you are unsure.

Towns: Dukinfield.


What day is bin day in Dukinfield?

When is the next bin collection for Dukinfield?
Thursday, 8th December, 2022

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Judith Hearnshaw
Judith Hearnshaw
1 year ago

No bins collected last week. I expect that there are a shortage of bin men due to the circumstances. Hopefully there will be a collection tomorrow.