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john smith
john smith
3 years ago

only managed to stay here two nights the staff assaulted me and wanted smiles when the council visit I would rather stay on the streets than spend a night here its a den of fear and the owners only want your money take my advice avoid

7 months ago

I stayed here for a few months back in 2019, the staff were amazing, helpful and supportive. Such a positive experience whilst in such a bad situation!

Reply to  Ajay
3 months ago

What a horrible famliy who run the place. I was there for over 4 years and never got no help. I was a so called volante and got bullied by the staf who i thought was there to look after me.but i got blackmailed by the boss and her brother . I have mental health problams and struggle with conference . 4 long years there bracking my back. I just started to get better than I come out of hospital to be told i could not be allowed in to the properly. They used to say that if i didn’t do the kichan i would be put in a shit room their words not mine. And told i would get knocked out. Asked to get DRUGS for a staf member. And being lent money for 100% intresd back