A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships
The 1975

A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships is the third studio album released by The 1975. The album is regarded as being of the soft rock or indie genre due to the alternative style that the band predominantly portrays throughout all of their music, but it can still be regarded as pop. Much like the other albums, the album starts with the track labelled as 'The 1975' which is a different style than the rest of the album, and its intention is to give a positive message to the listener. The album is incredibly enjoyable due to its plethora of tracks that all offer something different to the listener, and this album in many ways differs from the rest of their albums as the genre leans more rock than pop, whereas the other albums are much more pop and upbeat but the songs are still just as enjoyable in this album and still offer an excellent quality of production.

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